Why You Need a Well-Balanced Digital Marketing Strategy

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Modern Marketers are a lot like master chefs. We spend most of our time marinating ideas, prepping tasty solutions and churning colorful branding. We work tirelessly over a hot stove, cooking full course campaigns that your audience can't wait to sink their teeth in. We are always perfecting our secret marketing sauce and always wearing our eating pants, hungry for the next fresh idea.

What we love most about our job is helping businesses perfect their own marketing recipes and giving them the opportunity to taste test ours. We begin by asking; how healthy is your brand's marketing?

A healthy brand needs a well-balanced diet to garner healthy results, so we begin by assessing the areas where your brand is a little too thin and attention-starved. We dig a little deeper, knife and fork at the ready. Are you serving up a variety of content that delights your prospect's palate? Or are you leaving them hungry, wanting to sneak downstairs at 3 am to raid the fridge? We turn to our own marketing cookbook of recipes to concoct a digital smorgasbord that satisfies your audience's needs without busting the company waistline:

Power Protein: A high-functioning website


Your website is the central part of your brand's diet. All your other efforts on marketing platforms direct consumers to your website, so it should be meaty with calls to action, lead-generating forms, and high-quality content on what your services are and what you want your prospects to do. If prepared right, your website will help turn your prospects into returning customers.

Hearty Whole Grains: Content marketing


Content marketing is the practice of creating quality content to increase brand awareness and attract prospects with useful information. It's also operates like grains in your diet--it powers your brand. It's easy to load up on empty calories but this is an area where you want to deliver healthy whole grains from your marketing pantry; high-quality articles, videos, guides, online tools and other content that is both useful and entertaining. The easiest way to deliver these content pieces is through a company blog, so that your customers are regularly consuming information regarding your product and services.

fruits and veggies: social media


Social media is the fruit and veggies group of your digital marketing strategy. Not only are they delicious, but also nutrient-rich and a very important part of your brand's proper nutrition. Both organic and paid social media are great ways to expand the reach of your content and boost views and shares in a relatively short matter of time. Furthermore, social media is where a majority of brand awareness, social sharing and brand-centered conversations occur.

Dessert: Email Marketing


This is the sweetest part of your marketing strategy. You top of your efforts by reaching out to where your followers spend the most time online - their inbox. This is a great way to keep customers engaged and informed by letting them know about deals, events and special promotions through newsletters, surveys and review management email campaigns.

If your brand is getting fed a variety of marketing tactics, you will see impactful results and an increase in brand ambassadors. To take a page from our cookbook of best practices, shoot us an email and we'll match you with one of our culinary marketing chefs and get cooking!


Ready for a well-balanced digital strategy?

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